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  •  “It's always a gift when you find someone who is not only fabulous at his skills but also great at quickly picking up and understanding the bigger picture of the programs at hand. Rich was a strategic teammate and always provided insight and recommendations that went beyond his title. He mentored many who craved his digital expertise and art directors considered him the king of pulling off miracles and making difficult things happen with ease. Thanks Rich for making my job easier. Clients continued to come back for more because of the professional touch you added to our projects. You're definitely missed.
    Sonya Wodopianov
  • One of Rich's strongest asset is his thirst for knowledge. He's always seeking out new things to learn, bringing new ideas and understanding to the table. What makes him great to work with is that he doesn't hoard his knowledge. Rich shares freely what he knows and enjoys the collaborative process. Add this on top of the fact that he's got a fine creative eye and that he always takes pride in produce great work, Rich is a strong asset to any project.
    Nipith Ongwiseth
  • I have known Rich for a very long time and really miss working with him. Rich is so talented and easy going. NOTHING is ever a problem. Rich always made the tightest deadlines with a smile on his face…and an offer to do more if needed. His skills are some of the best I have ever seen.
    Amy Friedman
  • "I'd highly recommend Rich, someone I immensely enjoyed working with. He is uniquely equal parts visual and verbal, has great communication skills, is very smart and solutions-oriented. He provides fast, accurate turnaround, is capable of putting in long hours, is flexible, receives last-minute client corrections graciously, is extremely well organized, and seems to know the answer to just about everything. We all got in line to get his advice on tech problems. All in all, a great employee."

    Nancy Sundquist
  • "Rich has been a trusted friend and resource for nearly a decade. Rich is just the type of person you want on your team if you're looking for enthusiasm, creativity and invention. I genuinely hope I have the opportunity to work and collaborate with him again."
    John Lopez
  • "Rich is a pleasure to work with and he was a great resource for our department. We put him to work on a complicated, creative project and were extremely happy with the results. He worked very well within our somewhat quirky team and I highly recommend him."
    Jennie Brook